Maxillary Sinusitis of Endodontic Origin | Fall 2018

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Description:The American Association of Endodontists is dedicated to excellence in endodontics and promoting the highest standards of patient care. This following position statement is intended to define and outline Maxillary Sinusitis of Endodontic Origin (MSEO), deliver guidelines for its diagnosis and appropriate treatment, and provide a standard for all dental and medical practitioners who undertake the responsibility of managing patients with this condition. The relationship between dental infections and sinus disease is widely recognized in both the dental and medical literature. Despite extensive scientific recognition and reported high prevalence, periapical infection manifesting in the maxillary sinus remains under-appreciated and frequently goes undiagnosed by dentists, otolaryngologists, and radiologists alike, with its sequelae often misdiagnosed as sinogenic sinusitis. Recognition of MSEO is critical as failure to identify and properly manage the endodontic source pathology will result in the persistence of sinus disease, the failure of medical sinus therapies, and the potential advancement to more serious or even life-threatening cranio-facial infections.

At the conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Describe a maxillary sinusitis of endodontic origin (MSEO) and how periradicular infection can directly cause a maxillary sinus infection.
  • Describe the variety of typical symptoms that a patient may experience with MSEO.
  • Recognize and describe the various pathological effects and radiographic presentations of periapical inflammation on the maxillary sinus tissues, including periapical mucositis, periapical osteoperiostitis, and sinus obstruction.


Maxillary Sinusitis of Endodontic Origin
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Roderick W. Tataryn, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. Rod Tataryn practices endodontics in Spokane, Washington and serves as a faculty member in the department of graduate endodontics at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. He received his DDS degree in 1989 and Master of Science degree in Endodontics in 1994 from Loma Linda University. Dr. Tataryn has served on the Clinical Practice Committee for the American Association of Endodontists, has authored clinical and scientific articles on endodontics, and is a contributing author for the Sixth and Seventh Editions of Ingle’s Endodontics, the Second Edition of PDQ Endodontics, and The Art and Science of Contemporary Surgical Endodontics.

Roderick W. Tataryn, D.D.S.,M.S.

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