NS-12 NSRCT – Irrigation: Past, Present, Future?

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Technological advances during the last decade have brought new agitation devices for disinfection of the root canal system. Effective irrigant delivery and agitation are prerequisites for successful endodontic treatment. This lecture will present an overview of irrigants, irrigant agitation methods, their debridement efficacy and possible complications of their use.  

At the conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the risks and benefits of each of the most common irrigants.
  • Describe the characteristics of flow dynamics.
  • Describe the clinical protocol for irrigation.


Qualitative Analysis of Precipitate Formation on the Surface and in the Tubules of Dentin Irrigated with Sodium Hypochlorite and a Final Rinse of Chlorhexidine or QMiX
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Determination of 4-Chloroaniline and Its Derivatives Formed in the Interaction of Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine by Using Gas Chromatography
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Interaction between Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine Gluconate
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Bettina R. Basrani D.D.S., M.S.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Bettina Basrani is Associate Professor and Director of the M.Sc. Endodontics Program at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, Canada. With over 30 peer-reviewed publications, textbook chapters, textbooks and abstracts to her credit, she has been a constant contributor to endodontic science and clinical knowledge. Dr. Basrani’s research focuses on intracanal medication and root canal irrigation, including agents and delivery methods.

I declare that I have no proprietary, financial, or other personal interest of any nature or kind in any product, service, course, and/or company, or in any firm beneficially associated therewith, that will be discussed or considered during the proposed presentation.