NS-17 Vital Pulp Therapy Update

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The ultimate goals of vital pulp therapy are to preserve and protect the reversibly inflamed pulp tissue from additional injury, and to facilitate healing while maintaining the tooth and its ultimate position in the arch. For young, permanent, immature teeth, a conservative approach should always be our first priority to permit dentin deposition and development of a stronger mature root able to withstand occlusal loading. The etiology of exposure and the status of the pulp are the main factors correlated to the long-term outcome. Current advancement in biological-based materials further contributes to the outcome by providing a biocompatible seal. Contemporary vital pulp therapy techniques became efficient and predictable, as long as the proper assessment of the situation is made, and treatment is carried out in the appropriate fashion with strict adherence to the proper technique. This presentation will review the current evidence-based research and illustrate the clinical indications for of vital pulp therapy.  

At the conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Treat vital pulp exposures using the latest advancements on materials and techniques.
  • Discuss the difference between microbial and nonmicrobial pulp exposures.
  • Develop the most predictable treatment plan for immature teeth toward a positive outcome.


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Nestor Cohenca, D.D.S., F.I.A.D.T.


Dr. Nestor Cohenca completed the endodontic program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem cum laude and received the Best Graduate Student Award. He then served 11 years on faculty at the school while maintaining a private practice limited to endodontics. Dr. Cohenca joined the University of Washington and served as tenured professor of endodontics and pediatric dentistry from 2005-2014. Currently he serves as professor and director of endodontics and the Multidisciplinary Traumatology Unit at Seattle Children’s Hospital and maintains a private practice limited to endodontics in Kirkland, Wash. He is a Diplomate of the Israel Board of Endodontics and the American Board of Endodontics. Dr. Cohenca is a Fellow and past-president of the International Association of Dental Traumatology and received an honorary membership to Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society. He has published more than 80 peer-reviewed articles, 10 chapters and a book. Dr. Cohenca provided more than 250 lectures around the world and is well known as one of the experts in dental traumatology, endo-pedo-related topics, vital pulp therapy, CBCT and root canal disinfection.

Nestor Cohenca D.D.S.

I declare that I have no proprietary, financial, or other personal interest of any nature or kind in any product, service, course, and/or company, or in any firm beneficially associated therewith, that will be discussed or considered during the proposed presentation.