Timing of Implant Treatment after Traumatic Dental Injury

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Description: Trauma-related tooth loss often occurs in growing individuals. It is well documented that placement of dental implants in the alveolar ridge before cessation of growth will lead to 2 gradual infraposition of the implant. Strategies to determine the safe time and ideal conditions for implant placement will be presented. Also, different temporary solutions will be discussed. Timing of implant placement may also be an issue in adult patients. Advantages and disadvantages of immediate, early, and delayed implant placement will be discussed and related to the predictability of the implant treatment - functionally as well as aesthetically.

At the conclusion, participants should be able to: 

- Recognize the risk of placing implants in growing individuals.

- Describe methods to evaluate skeletal and cranio-facial maturity.

- List implant placement protocols related to the time passed after tooth loss.


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Simon StorgÄrd-Jensen, DDS, MSD

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