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  • Retreatment Techniques: Planning, Options and Successful Management (Part II)

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    Speakers: Terrell F.. Pannkuk, D.D.S., M.Sc.D. This presentation will highlight the common and exotic challenges that exist when repeating a previously performed endodontic procedure that has failed. Safe dismantling of crowns, as well as removal of posts, silver points, obturation carriers, cast cores and pins will be shown. Management of ledges, false paths, perforation, abused root termini and the specific concerns of post-endodontic restoration after retreatment will also be discussed. The indications for surgical endodontic retreatment, combined approaches and the decision to perform heroic attempts to save a tooth will be highlighted. Critical thinking and the employment of decision trees and algorithms that explore all reasonable options will be demonstrated with the start-to-finish planning, execution and maintenance of actual deconstructed cases.

  • Long-term Follow-up for Apical Microsurgery of Teeth with Core and Post Restorations

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    Authors: Astrid Truschnegg, MD, PhD, Petra Rugani, DDS, DMSc, Barbara Kirnbauer, DDS, DMSc, Lumnije Kqiku, DDS, PhD, Norbert Jakse, MD, DDS, PhD, and Robert Kirmeier, DDS, PhD Orthograde retreatment was recommended before apical surgery to achieve high success rates. The aim of this study was to determine the success rates of apicoectomy of core and post-restored teeth without prior root canal retreatment followed for up to 13 years.