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800-872-3636 (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
or 312-266-7255

For technical support, contact:

System Requirements

Endo On Demand contains different types of files, which may require you to have a certain piece of software to view. These files include, but are not limited to: PDFs, Microsoft Word Documents, Microsoft PowerPoints or MP3 audio files.

For live events like webinars, the presentations will launch in a video conference platform (Zoom), which may vary by program. You will receive email reminders with details as each event approaches.

Endo On Demand will function on most internet browsers on desktop or mobile devices. We advise you not to use any version of Internet Explorer earlier than IE 11 (Edge).

We recommend:

  • Windows 7 or later Mac OS X 10.9 or later Chrome 60 or greater
  • Firefox 52 or greater
  • Edge 14 or greater
  • Safari 10 or greater
  • iOS 10 or greater

Controlling the Video Presentations

To view a lecture, please activate the product. Once the product is activated, you can find the lecture materials under the Contents tab.

Use the tools on the bottom of the video window in the presentation console to:

  • Pause: Click to pause the presentation
  • Play: Click to start or restart the presentation after pausing
  • Fast-Forward/Rewind: Use your curstor to click on the presentation timeline to jump to a different section of the presentation
  • Volume: Click the audio icon to mute or adjust the audio
  • Full-Screen: Click the full-screen icon to expand the presentation

Endo On Demand FAQs

How do I earn CE credit through Endo On Demand?

To earn CE credit on the Endo On Demand, you must:

  • View/read the content entirely
  • Complete an evaluation
  • Complete a test with a score of 80% or higher
  • Download or print your Verification of Participation letter available under "My Dashboard." Regardless of your subscription status, you will always have access to view and print the CE you have earned through the Endo On Demand.
What sessions qualify for CE credit?

CE credit is offered for individual educational sessions, live and recorded webinars, and articles from the Journal of Endodontics (JOE) and ENDODONTICS: Colleagues for Excellence clinical newsletter.


Is content ever removed?

To ensure Endo On Demand content is up-to-date and clinically accurate based on current standards, AAE committees review it every three years after the original release date. Content is also removed every five years to ensure relevant topics and clinically accurate information. 


Commenting and Content Rating Policy

The Endo On Demand commenting and rating features are intended to be used as a communications and engagement resource for those interested in viewing Endo On Demand content. Users are encouraged to rate content and share their evaluation of and comments on Endo On Demand content. Users are also encouraged to like others’ comments. Users are expected to communicate in a professional, responsible manner and for lawful purposes. Users must show respect of all individuals in an open and tolerant manner and must not use inappropriate or offensive language. AAE staff designated as Endo On Demand administrators review and approve all comments prior to being published. Endo On Demand administrators are authorized to ensure comments are appropriate and productive. Any questions regarding comments will be referred to the Continuing Education Committee prior to being published. Comments that are deemed inappropriate or offensive will not be published. View the full policy.