Medical Billing of CBCT

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CE Hours: 1.25 CE hour 

Description: A workflow will be provided to let practices know where to start the process of medical billing in their specialty practice. Our 75 minute journey will address the benefits of medical billing for the specialty dental practice. We will explore the various procedures codes that are billable for endodontists as well as the various diagnoses that justify them. Learn how to get benefit checks for your patients and use that information appropriately to move forward with a preauthorization to complete successful claims. Various examples of documentation to medical insurance will be presented for the audiences understanding of medical insurance expectations for claim adjudication.

At the conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Read a benefit check from a medical carrier and how to move on to a preauthorization
  • Research and use the appropriate diagnosis codes to justify a CBCT claim to medical insurance
  • Implement system a specialists office immediately to start billing medical insurance.


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5 Questions  |  Unlimited attempts  |  4/5 points to pass
2.25 CE credits  |  Certificate available
2.25 CE credits  |  Certificate available

Hootan Shahidi, MPH

Hootan Shahidi graduated Emory University with a Master’s in Public Health focusing on Health Policy and Management. For a decade Hootan managed and consulted for numerous dental practices in Southern California. During this consulting period he discovered that many dental offices were not utilizing medical insurance nor were they aware of the many possible application of medical billing. In 2013, Hootan founded Cross Over Dental Enterprises (CODE), a full service medical billing company for general dental and specialty practices. CODE as of 2018, bills for a couple thousand providers in 45 states across a vast number of procedures and diagnoses.

Hootan Shahidi, MPH

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