NS-2 Canal Scouting

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Description: It's only one concept in endodontics: elimination of bacteria and the pulp tissue from the root canal system while preserving maximum tooth structure for restoration and function. The purpose of endodontic therapy is to remove all the inflamed and necrotic tissues in the pulp, as well as the bacterial component, making the pulp and the root canals of the tooth as clean as possible. Making the root canals as clean as possible (one of the predictor factors for endodontic success) increases the predictability of our treatments.

Scouting canals technique improves the shaping, disinfection, and obturation of the root canal system with cheap tools and a simple approach.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe the aim of this procedure
  • Explain the details of the technique
  • Discuss documented cases and to realize that this is a teachable, repeatable, and reproducible technique


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