To the Point Corporate-Sponsored Webinar | Next Generation Endodontics: A Paradigm Shift

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Description: Dr. Haapasalo has authored or co-authored 230 scientific articles in numerous, peer-reviewed renowned journals, including numerous articles related to bacteria and biofilm associated with apical periodontitis. His most recent work focuses on cleaning the root canal system without instrumentation. He will share this research and his resulting perspective on the role the GentleWave System plays in endodontics to shift away from mechanically focused treatment to a more biological approach.

At conclusion participants should be able to: 

  • Define the level of evidence in endodontics: what does it mean?
  • Explore and discuss the past, present and future of the endodontic triad.

This presentation is part of the To the Point Corporate-Sponsored Webinar series. To the Point Corporate-Sponsored Webinars may include opinion, speculation and other statements not verifiable in the scientific method and do not necessarily reflect the views of AAE. Participants should use their best judgment in evaluating the merits of any content.


02/05/2020 at 6:06 PM (CST)   |  45 minutes
02/05/2020 at 6:06 PM (CST)   |  45 minutes No CE awarded
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Markus Haapasalo D.D.S., Ph.D., FRCDC(Endod.)

Dr. Markus Haapasalo is the professor and chair of the Division of Endodontics at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He is the former head of the Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences. He is a member of Royal College of Dentists of Canada (Endodontics) and an associate member of AAE. Dr. Haapasalo is a member of the editorial board of the International Endodontic Journal and the Scientific Advisory Board of Journal of Endodontics. In endodontics, his areas of special interest include instrumentation, biofilms, irrigation, persistent infections and resorptions. In addition, Dr. Haapasalo has received several teaching and research awards and is an eminent speaker at numerous international conferences.