The 20th World Congress on Dental Traumatology (WCDT2018) was  presented by the International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT) and the American Association of Endodontists (AAE).

This four-day congress brought together an unprecedented number of experts and leaders in dental and orofacial traumatology along with hundreds of clinicians from around the world, representing multiple specialties and disciplines, for the purpose of interaction, collaboration and advancement in knowledge. The congress theme encompassed a multi-year timeline of observation, analysis, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up evaluation.  It presented the complete life-cycle of a traumatic injury and patient recovery to esthetics and function.

WCDT 2018

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All speakers must disclose to the program audience any proprietary, financial or other personal interest of any nature of kind, in any product, service, source and/or company, or in any firm beneficially associated therewith that will be discussed or considered during their presentation. The AAE does not view the existence of these interests or uses as implying bias or decreasing the value to participants. The AAE, along with ADA CERP, feels that this disclosure is important for the participants to form their own judgment about each presentation. Please see each individual speaker's information within a session for disclosure information.

Speakers can select which components of their presentation they would like included on Endo On Demand, and as a result, some courses may only include a handout, audio, audio and handout, or have portions of their presentation omitted. Courses that have only a handout and/or audio do not include the online CE option. Courses with multiple speakers may have some portions omitted from the presentation if not all speakers give permission to have their content posted.